Special Exhibits

At every BQE, we curate exhibits of work of special interest in the quilting universe, and bring it to you at our show. A wonderful opportunity to view some inspirational work.



Tonya Ricucci - Love Quilts

Tonya Ricucci, aka The UnRuly Quilter, is a quilter, author, and teacher. She began making traditional quilts in 1988 after seeing Pennsylvania Amish quilts with their amazing rich colors and beautiful hand quilting. The next phase of Tonya’s quilting life began in 1977 when she became Liberated by Gwen Marston. That meant loosening up, embracing imperfection, and learning to improvise. While sewing houses without patterns Tonya realized she could make letters the same way. A book on her free-pieced, improvisational letter technique, Word Play Quilts, was published by Martingale in 2010. In the last decade, Tonya has taken inspiration from string quilts, and Anna Williams’ work in particular. More and more often Tonya is ditching the rulers and rotary cutter, using only scissors to create.

Tonya has lived in several states as well as England; Cairo, Egypt; and Paris, France. She now lives in Jupiter, Florida, with her husband and their six cats. She loves science fiction/fantasy and mystery novels, movies, and especially tv. Tonya is active on Instagram and Facebook.

Love Quilts brings together several of Tonya Ricucci's improvisational word quilts celebrating love and her family. The inspiration of Amish and string quilts is readily apparent as is Tonya’s transition to working with scissors. Several of the quilts feature Tonya’s freehand hand quilting.

Love Anna Williams Style by Tonya Ricucci

Love Anna Williams Style by Tonya Ricucci

Raspberry Rumspringa by Tonya Ricucci

Raspberry Rumspringa by Tonya Ricucci


Studio Art Quilt Associates: Simplicity

The theme Simplicity allows different interpretations, enabling artists to play with the concept. A simple situation, a basic object, an uncomplicated feeling, or something complicated explained simply.

Each artist represented Simplicity their way, in their current circumstances. The result was a light show, where nature and its elements integrated into the artwork. In some, elements created by the culture chosen to address the issue. Some artists expressed simplicity through geometric shapes. Others preferred to use abstract shapes to communicate their feelings.

Different materials and techniques were used. In some works, soft colors relax our eyes. In others, intense colors attract our attention. Through creativity and perspective of each artist, the exhibition makes us reflect on what is simple. Simplicity "speaks" explicitly of love in at least two works, and implicitly, in all of them ... leaving us speechless.

We hope that while admiring each detail in the art works presented here, you connect more and more with yourself, and quietly, you think about the complicated world we live in and the importance that simplicity has in our lives.


Claudia Dias

Adriana Sleutjes

Parisina Ribeiro


Studio Art Quilt Associates: Brazilian Amazon Inspirations

The Brazilian Amazon Inspirations exhibit is a selection of art quilts curated by Deda Maldonado and created by SAQA Brazilian artists. Brazilian schools teach children about their country's natural resources beginning when they are very young, and help them develop a sense of pride in the Rain Forest. Brazilians are passionate about nature and especially about the Amazon.

The Brazilian Amazon region is a living ecosystem and is globally recognized as a key player for our planet's inspiration process. It breathes and promotes life and diversity. To inspire means to "excite the mind or emotions” and “to inhale, to take a breath”.  The Amazon provides much of the oxygen we all breathe in, but to an artist its vastness of vegetation and variety of living forms,provide creative inspiration. As the air we breathe brings life to our body, the nature we take in brings life to our art.

 The Brazilian Amazon Inspirations exhibit invited Brazilian artists to share the love affair they have with nature. Take a breath and enjoy it!


Marina Landi

Claudia Dias

Pat Hermes


Miami Art Quilters & Friends: The National Day of the Cowboy

National Day of the Cowboy is observed nationally on the fourth Saturday in July. It  is a day set aside to celebrate the contributions of the Cowboy and Cowgirl to America’s culture and heritage.  As part of this celebration the Miami Art Quilters have displayed their cowboy-inspired works for many years. Each year participation and authenticity has increased. This exhibit includes a few examples of their quilts and some friends’ quilts. If the Cowboy's contribution to our history inspires you, you are invited to participate in National Day of the Cowboy celebration exhibits 2017. 


Cheri Ucci

Phillis Salt

Sandy Marietta