Challenge Theme Announced

Image by Sweetie187 (source: Flickr)

The theme and rules for the 2017 Challenge have been announced! This challenge is open to members of the six sponsor guilds.

JAZZ! is the theme for this year’s BQE Challenge Quilt contest!!! 

“JAZZ”, as defined by Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: is a genre of music that originated from African American communities of New Orleans during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. 

JAZZ! has also been described as being characterized by a strong, prominent meter, improvisation, distinctive tone colors and performance techniques, and dotted or syncopated rhythmic patterns. 

When we hear the word JAZZ, it makes quilters think about music, instruments, feelings and emotions, a place, a style, a tempo or beat... just to name a few. 

But as we know, there are many more ideas out there for all of us!! Use your imagination and make a fun challenge quilt! 

Challenge Quilt Design Guidelines 

There are no fabric requirements for this challenge, but there are some rules: 

  1. Size can be any combination of a length and width with the perimeter totaling NO MORE than 144 inches; your quilt can be any size you want smaller than 144 inches total, as long as the four sides do not add up to more than 144 inches total. 
  2. Orientation can be either portrait or landscape. 
  3. The entry must be a standard quilt with three layers, and quilted – creative finishing is allowed.  On the back, there should be a 4 inch sleeve for hanging, and a label.
  4. The BQE Challenge is open to any member of the six (6) Broward County Quilt Guilds: Coral Springs, East Sunrise, Quilting in the Pines, Southern Stars, South Florida Modern, and West Broward.
  5. There is no entry fee. 
  6. Only one entry per person. Use the regular BQE entry form for your Challenge quilt. Delivery to the show will be the same as for all BQE quilts.

Quilts will be judged on theme interpretation, construction and overall appearance. Cash prizes will be awarded. Challenge quilts are also eligible for the Viewer’s Choice Award. 

Questions? Contact your BQE Guild Representative 

  • Coral Springs QG - Janet Oxley 
  • East Sunrise QG - Debbie DeJesse 
  • Quilting in the Pines - Denise Glaser 
  • Southern Stars QG - Karla Irby 
  • West Broward QG - Linda Wilson 
  • South Florida Modern QG - Charlotte Noll