Our Show Judge


Our judge for the 2019 show is Maribeth Schmit, an accomplished fiber artist, teacher, lecturer, and author as well as an NACQJ and NQA-certified judge, qualified to evaluate Masterpiece Quilts.

As an NACQJ-certified judge, Ms. Schmit is well qualified to judge all national quilt shows. She is certified to evaluate machine and hand-worked pieces as well as traditional, modern, and art quilts. Her experience includes having judged over 17,000 quilted pieces.

While Maribeth's fiber art beginnings stem from a traditional background, she enjoys and is excited by contemporary and art quilting endeavors. When judging, Maribeth treats every entry with respect. She evaluates objectively and fairly, recognizing the creativity and workmanship in each entry. She strives to provide valuable feedback to entrants, commenting constructively and positively. She continues to develop her quilting and teaching skills by regularly attending quilting classes, lectures, and shows nationwide. She feels it's most important to stay current with the latest quilting trends and judging philosophy.

Read more about Ms. Schmit in our full biography.