Pin Design Competition

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Each show we have a commemorative enamel pin made and available for purchase at the show. We are having a competition to design the pin! Our 2019 show theme will be Crystals, which is the traditional gift for 15th wedding anniversaries.  This is our 15th show.  

  • Crystals represent strength and beauty.
  • The clear nature of crystal also symbolizes a clear understanding and communication.
  • Crystals are a special kind of solid material where the molecules fit together in a repeating pattern. This pattern causes the material to form all sorts of unique shapes.
  • Crystals can have very flat surfaces called facets. They can form geometric shapes such as triangles, rectangles, and squares.
  • Examples of large crystals include snowflakes, diamonds, amethysts, and table salt.

Use one of these or your imagination to create your pin!  Your work will be worn and displayed by many. Have fun with it!

Pin Design Guidelines

  • Final pin size will be approximately one inch square. Your design may be square, round or rectangular. Designs should translate well to this small size.
  • Designs should be submitted as a pdf on letter sized paper. Please do not include your name or any other information on the front of the pdf.
  • You may use any one-dimensional medium to design your pin, with no color limitations. The final design will need to be delivered as a high resolution jpg.
  • The pin design must include your “Crystals” theme interpretation, and the words: Broward Quilt Expo 2019.

The pin design contest is open to any member of the six Broward County Guilds: Coral Springs, East Sunrise, Quilting in the Pines, South Florida Modern, Southern Stars and West Broward.

Submit your design (no limit to the number of entries) to your guild’s BQE Representative, or via email to by June 30, 2018. The BQE Board will meet on July 10 for judging and final selection.

The winning designer will be awarded

  • $50 BQE dollars to spend with BQE vendors.
  • Two ticket to the Awards Gala where you will be recognized for your creativity and contribution to BQE 2019.
  • And of course, a free pin!