Quilt Auction Preview

One of the favorite events at the Broward Quilt Expo is the Mini Quilt Auction.

Our 2017 auction will be held on Saturday March 11th at 3pm.

Every show the talented members of the six sponsoring guilds make mini quilts to donate for the auction.  There are many types of mini quilts up for sale, using a wide variety of quilting styles and skills; from hand appliqué to intricately pieced tiny replicas. There is always an animal mini or two and styles range from art pieces to modern to traditional. As many different quilts as the imaginations of our many creative quilters.

This year we will be doing the auction with a bit of a twist. We will have the mini quilts for sale at the show.  This means if there is a quilt that you just must have, you don't have to wait for the live auction! There will be ‘Buy It Now‘ prices on all of the quilts on display before the auction.  You can purchase a quilt and take it home immediately!

Also new this year: you can preview the quilts that will be in the auction, and check out the Buy It Now prices! (Note: ignore any "sold out" messages: these quilts are not for sale until the show opens on March 9th, and may only be purchased in person at the show.)

For those of you who prefer the excitement and deals of our LIVE auction, FANTASTIC !  We are looking forward to entertaining you. The Live Auction will be held Saturday, at 3pm at the main entrance to the show.  

So whether you prefer to laugh and wrangle at the Live auction, or just flat out purchase, please come check out the beautiful mini quilts at the Broward Quilt Expo.

Please note, the auction is open to the general public, no show pass is required.