Show Categories Update

Photo by Charlotte Noll

Photo by Charlotte Noll

Our 2019 show will include 13 categories for quilt entry. The BQE board and committee chairs devoted a considerable amount of time to reviewing our categories and entries from previous years. We have carefully revised all of the category descriptions, and we have added and removed categories to encourage what we hope will be a greater variety of entries from our community.

New categories include:  

Art Quilts
Although it has a new name for 2019, this category has previously been called Innovative Techniques. Entries for this popular category must be the quilter’s own creative design, reflecting innovative construction, techniques, and/or materials. 

Small Quilts
This new category is for any quilt style, made by a single maker and with a total perimeter measuring no more than 140 inches. 

Intermediate Quilts
This is, in fact, two categories—one for single makers and another for two-person quilts. These categories are designed to sit between the Large Pieced and Small Quilts categories. To qualify, intermediate quilts should have a perimeter size of between 141 and 280 inches. 

This new category is intended to recognize exceptional skill in the construction of quilts made using a kit.

We have expanded our Modern Design category into two categories this year—one for single makers and one for two-person quilts.

The Miniature category is always one of our most popular, and we have revised the definition of miniature to be a “true miniature,” or a scaled-down version of a large quilt. Along with our new Small Quilt and Art Quilt categories, we think we have covered all of the bases for quilts suitable for wall hanging!

View the full descriptions of all of our categories.