Broward Quilt Expo Board

The Broward Quilt Expo board is made up of volunteers from the six sponsoring quilt guilds.

To contact a board member via email, click the link. If no link is available, please visit our Contact page.


 2019 Executive Board

  • Chairperson:  Allison Schnackenberg (SFMQG, SSQG)
  • Co-Chairperson:  Karla Irby (SSQG, SFMQG)
  • Treasurer:  Denise Glaser (QUIP, WBQG)
  • Secretary:  Connie Gremich (SSQG)
  • Guild Representative:  Beverly deBruijn (WBQG)
  • Guild Representative: Cherie Grabowski (ESQG)
  • Guild Representative:  Linda Esposito (CSQG)

2019 Committees