Photo by Jennifer Sampou

Photo by Jennifer Sampou

Tara Faughnan

Tara Faughnan will be teaching workshops at BQE, March 4, 5 and 6, 2019.

I find inspiration in forms, shapes, and the place where two seams meet. Color interaction is the key inspiration that drives me. It’s that intuitive moment when you put two colors together, and then two more, and two more after that that I focus on. The explorations are endless—and I strive to try to walk the line of discomfort and still make everything work together as a whole.

I draw a lot of inspiration from the simple bold geometry of antique quilts, the gorgeous bright colors from textiles around the world, and freedom and spontaneity found in unconventional and improvisationally pieced quilts. When I look at my current work, I see all three of these aspects represented. I like to use simple geometry and complex color interaction—and find the line that exists somewhere between harmony and discordance.
— Tara Faughnan

Tara Faughnan is a professional freelance textile designer and quilter living and working in Oakland, CA. She started to quilt around 2001, and along the way, her love of quilting led to school and a career in textile design, with clients including Michael Miller Fabrics and Pottery Barn Kids. 

Ms. Faughnan’s quilts are known for her vibrant and harmonious use of color, and have appeared in many national and regional shows including the International Quilt Festival (Houston), American Quilter’s Society (Paducah), Pacific International Quilt Festival, and QuiltCon. She served as a judge for QuiltCon 2018. She has filmed two quilting classes for Creative Bug. And has been published in many magazines including Art Quilts International, Modern Patchwork, Generation Q, and QuiltCon Magazine.

As a teacher, Ms. Faughnan explores both machine and hand piecing, as well as hand quilting techniques. Her classes devote time to color interaction and design.